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A party without cake is just a meeting” Julia Child.

It’s such great time of year… Summer weather, gardens, vacations, festivals, ball games!! Everyone is busy, busy—- our Flag Day Family days are filled with most of our energy spent organizing our 78th Annual Flag Day Celebration in Waubeka! Meetings, securing vendors, menus, marketing, volunteers… (writing blogs). In my search for Flag Day themed foods to fit in with our daily focus and summer get- togethers.. I found this fun, unique and easy flying flag angel food cake—- made with purchased Angel Food— for the easy part! Of course the Food Network folks went all out piping on the frosting.. but, this is your edible canvas.. add strawberry stripes & blueberry stars… try red, white & blue sprinkles.. It all works… Post your Flying Flag Cake picture if you give it a try.. Happy Baking & Happy Flag Day. Courtesy of the Food Network. Here’s the recipe.. Have a Red, White & Blue Week!

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TOBY KEITH...Somehow the music and personna of one of country music's biggest shining stars, was not on my radar.. Maybe because it was a time when Bob Seger, and Creedance Clearwater Revival played on my radio.. However, after he passed this year on February 5th following a 2 year battle with cancer... I felt compelled to go to Apple Music and download his hits and listen to "his story". I was amazed how song after song resonated to my very soul..

The more I listened, the more I wanted to know about the man and his poetry. What I found was a man who was deeply passionate and unapologetic about his patriotism and love for his country. He supported the US Military doing 18 USO Tours, and invited military fans backstage at his concerts.

One of my favorite finds was that he picked our little part of the world as the perfect place to portray the "American Ideal". His "Made in America" video is filmed all around US! The live concert portions are of Toby Keith performing the song at Summerfest in Milwaukee; The perfect heartland farm is in West Bend; and the scenes from 4th of July Parade in Cedarburg overflow with flag waving Patriotism...

SO... next time you see a Jeep Wrangler rolling by with a wire-haired terrier riding shotgun .. and think you hear someone singing along loud enough for Toby to hear in heaven...please know we are counting our blessings.. Made in America, Born in Wisconsin!

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The National Flag Day Foundation is blessed with a strong community, a beautiful legacy, great support and amazing, talented volunteers. The Printed Materials & Design Committee has completed the new flyers for Flag Day 2024, along with this Fabulous new Logo creation that includes the US ARMY star- US ARMY Past & Present and all Military Personnel-- Our 2024 Honored Guests!! PLEASE join us .. Sunday June 9th at the Americanism Center in Waubeka for a special program. As this year's honored guest you will have reserved covered seating for the program, Complimentary Lunch at the Concessions, An appreciation "Swag Bag", Plaque, an opportunity to ride in the parade, and share with us a special day celebrating Flag Day where it all began... THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE....

Please sign up online/by mail/or email Looking forward to seeing you in June! Have a Red, White & Blue Day

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