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All things Flag Day…

A party without cake is just a meeting” Julia Child.

It’s such great time of year… Summer weather, gardens, vacations, festivals, ball games!! Everyone is busy, busy—- our Flag Day Family days are filled with most of our energy spent organizing our 78th Annual Flag Day Celebration in Waubeka! Meetings, securing vendors, menus, marketing, volunteers… (writing blogs). In my search for Flag Day themed foods to fit in with our daily focus and summer get- togethers.. I found this fun, unique and easy flying flag angel food cake—- made with purchased Angel Food— for the easy part! Of course the Food Network folks went all out piping on the frosting.. but, this is your edible canvas.. add strawberry stripes & blueberry stars… try red, white & blue sprinkles.. It all works… Post your Flying Flag Cake picture if you give it a try.. Happy Baking & Happy Flag Day. Courtesy of the Food Network. Here’s the recipe.. Have a Red, White & Blue Week!

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