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It's Flag Day Season

Updated: Mar 23

So even as winter tries to hang on... I grab my morning coffee and start our first blog... It looks like 2024 is a year of "firsts" as we just wrapped up our Valentine Dinner & Auction in our new venue.. Lepanto Hall at Port Inn & Suites. By most accounts it was a great success and the new space provided an enjoyable experience. Many thanks to all.

Currently we are busy thinking of June, cook-outs and our Annual Flag Day Celebration. We have refreshed our Celebration promotion in an effort to make communication a little easier with fill in forms, QR codes, and more Social Media posts. Just as we are pulling all this together, we are experiencing some technical difficulties with the web site. In the meantime there is a "go around" so you can get your Flag Day info:

So please stay tuned... As we look forward to renewal & spring... yet hold to the past and tradition in our hearts. We are going back to our roots and featuring the US Army Veterans & Active Military as our honored guests this year. So please join us, June 9th, to honor and show gratitude to men & women that keep us free and safe.

Wishing you the Blessings of Easter! Your Flag Day Family.

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