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Flag Day Buzz!

The National Flag Day Foundation is blessed with a strong community, a beautiful legacy, great support and amazing, talented volunteers. The Printed Materials & Design Committee has completed the new flyers for Flag Day 2024, along with this Fabulous new Logo creation that includes the US ARMY star- US ARMY Past & Present and all Military Personnel-- Our 2024 Honored Guests!! PLEASE join us .. Sunday June 9th at the Americanism Center in Waubeka for a special program. As this year's honored guest you will have reserved covered seating for the program, Complimentary Lunch at the Concessions, An appreciation "Swag Bag", Plaque, an opportunity to ride in the parade, and share with us a special day celebrating Flag Day where it all began... THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE....

Please sign up online/by mail/or email Looking forward to seeing you in June! Have a Red, White & Blue Day

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